Perfect Day

A lazy day, so of course that means rain. I have this beautiful scene in my mind. A library, in my future, dream home, with a reading nook. You know, one of the ones that has a huge window that actually sticks out of the house a little. The most comfortable nook ever, with pillows everywhere. There’s a fireplace somewhere, it’s not really in the view but the heat is radiating and the whole room has a glow. It’s raining just steady enough for the repeating pattern to lull you into calmness. I’m curled up in cozy clothes with a large fuzzy blanket. The cats are there, one on either side, the dog is in her bed in the corner. There is a hot drink in one hand and a large book in the other. It’s beautiful, there’s no anxiety, no depression, just complete immersion into a different literary world.

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