Alone Time

I think it is highly important that people choose to have alone time. By that I mean solidarity, just you. I’m not saying you just sit in a room by yourself for thirty minutes, that would be a boring way to spend your time. I mean find something you can do for thirty minutes that is time to reflect. Sitting and reading for thirty minutes, some people do devotionals, writing, coloring, drawing, anything. This gives you some time to focus on your thoughts, how you feel, relieve some stress.

For me it’s writing, not necessarily on here, but the act of writing. Sometimes I write in my journal, thoughts for the day, things that are happening, frustrations I may have. Sometimes I write stories, short ones, long ones, a chapter here and there. Sometimes I try and figure out things I want to write about and take my time brainstorming. I have a great book I found at target called, 300 Writing Prompts. Sometimes I just pick a prompt and see where it takes me. It soothes me and it gets me in touch with my thoughts and emotions. Which, personally, I think more people should try doing.

I think it is important to know yourself and know what it is you want, think, desire, love, and I think taking some time, maybe not on a daily basis, but time, to know yourself, is time well spent. I started doing this for the past month and a half, and I’ve really been able to work through some things. It may be difficult at first, but I think if you stick with it, it would become very beneficial to you.

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