I’m a big fan of a good story, to me it isn’t about the medium, books, movies, shows, comic books, video games, that’s irrelevant. However it may look, a good story is critical. There are books I’ve read that I don’t remember well because overall the story didn’t stick with me. Same with all the other stories, how many times have you watched a movie with great action sequences but when you actually go to recall the movie, that’s all you remember? That’s because the story was mediocre at best even though it had some decent other qualities.

I just thought I’d share some of my favorite stories, paying no mind to what kind of story it is or if it is written or shown.

— Harry Potter


Okay, this was a given for me, I’m a huge Potterhead. Harry Potter wasn’t the first book that made me fall in love with reading, but it was the one that changed my views on things. I think the main reason I love Harry Potter is because it brought you to a fantastical world where magic was everywhere but it couldn’t solve all the worlds problems, it had issues of its own. That to me is a beautiful concept. I also loved how it dealt with parental, best friends, and dating issues. It showed jealousy, friendship, love, evil, and humor, it was, to me, everything I need in a story. P.S. Please don’t every ask me how many times I’ve read the books… I honestly have lost count!

— Legend of Zelda


The first Zelda game I ever played was Windwaker on the Nintendo Gamecube. I played it so many times I had the entire story memorized. I could play forever, playing the little side quests by finding all the pigs, or cutting the grass for rupees. I even enjoyed the sailing, which got more fun once you were able to ride cyclones. Side note: I’ve never played Ocarina of Time, I know, that makes me lame, but in my defense, I was only six and we’ve never owned a Nintendo 64. I haven’t played the new one yet because I have not been able to buy a Switch, but I will. I have not been disappointed by a Zelda game yet. I still have Windwaker, I occasionally play it on my wii (yay backwards compatibility!) because in my opinion, for a character who doesn’t talk, Link has one hell of a story to tell.

— Sense8


This is a relatively new show that is exclusive to Netflix. It is my favorite thing Netflix has ever released, yes above Stranger Things, though that’s also fantastic. I’m still a little bitter that it was cancelled. I love how intricate and loving the show was. It takes eight strangers with all different religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures and connects them. To me that is a concept that needs to be shared with the world. Just because you don’t share a religion with someone, doesn’t mean you can’t love and support them. Plus, visually, gorgeous! I mean they film on location in all these different countries, India, Iceland, England, Korea, Kenya, Mexico, Germany, and the good ole’ USA. Worth the watch.

Those are just a couple of stories that are my all time favorites. I could read, watch, or play those infinitely and never get bored. I have others, but those are on top of my list. I’m always on the look out for another story to whip me off my feet, no matter how I have to hear the story.




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