This Tender Land


“In every good tale there is a seed of truth, and from that seed a lovely story grows. Some of what I’ve told you is true and some… well, let’s just call it the bloom on the rosebush. A woman who can heal the afflicted? A girl who looks into the future and wrestles with what she sees there? Yet are these things more difficult to accept than that all existence came out of a single, random moment when cosmic gases exploded? Our eyes perceive so dimly, and our brains are so easily confused. Far better, I believe, to be like children and open ourselves to every beautiful possibility, for there is nothing our hearts can imagine that is not so.”

This book is one of the best books I’ve received through my Book of the Month membership. An adventurous odyssey set during the Great Depression, two brothers, a young girl, and an American Indian escape from an Indian Boarding School. Krueger has you rooting for these kids and hoping they will overcome all the injustices done to them. Though the main character can be quite problematic, you understand why he is behaving how he is. The love between the characters is palpable and all they want to do is keep each other safe.

With how crazy these past couple of weeks have been I have been finding more time to read and lose myself in a great book! I hope others have found time to do the same! If you are looking for a new book to read, I highly recommend This Tender Land. Once I hit the last couple of chapters I had to finish the book. Staying up well past the time I should have been in bed to make sure I found out exactly how everyone was.

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