The Guest List


“The rituals, the male bonding. When we get together there’s this kind of pack mentality. We get carried away.”

The wedding of the century! Everyone wants to go to a remote island and see the happy couple off. Unfortunately, this wedding has old secrets and when someone ends up dead, everyone has a motive. Who was murdered? And who has the most to gain from their death?

“The rage is growing inside me, overtaking the shock and grief. I can feel it blossoming up behind my ribs. It’s almost a relief, how it obliterates every other feeling in its path.”

This was a fun read! It was really fast and could be a great beach read. Foley keeps you interested by switching between different characters with intricate backgrounds. I found myself siding with certain characters early on, some were simply more likable than others. As the story goes on there are great plot twists that keep you on your toes. I would recommend if you are a fan of mysteries and thrillers. Foley does tackle some difficult topics, like suicidal thoughts and depression. A modern day “who-dun-it,” well worth the read.

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