Heir of Doom


Rate: 5/5

“A scream built inside my chest, a pressure that grew and grew until I could no longer contain it. “They did it again!”

Roxanne is back at it again trying to make it by in a world that seems to want nothing to do with her. She has joined the hunters, a kind of police of the preternatural’s, hoping that would help her problems. Even though she now belongs to a clan and a respectful organization, everybody still seems to hate her, a half-human. Nothing is at it seems and when Roxanne is blamed again for things that have nothing to do with her, it’s up to her and a new friend to clear her name. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Roxanne has no choice but to join the opposite side, how will she be able to get herself out of this one?

“I roared again- all I seemed to possess control of. My body was incapable of moving forward, even an inch….. And that’s when I realized how right Zantry had been.”

I fell hard for these books, very quickly I became very obsessed. I reviewed the first one not so long ago and read in a couple days, the second being no different. I enjoyed the sequel even more than the first. I’ve seen Roxanne grow and change and become even stronger in herself. Bazzar has created an original world in a genre that doesn’t have much room for originality. Answering questions and posing new ones. I highly recommend to fans of fantasy novels, immerse yourself in a new world for a couple of days!

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