Coffee Shop


Sitting down in a corner, my computer out, a fresh coffee in my hand. Watching, just watching as people come and go. There is so much to be doing, yet there is no real desire to do it. So I sit and I watch and I wait. I drink my coffee and I relax.

I look up and there she is, blonde, short, baby blue eyes, and a smile that lights up the entire space around her. All bubbly and laughing, asking about my day with an authenticity that can’t be faked. Filling me in on the adventures of her life, all the while wrestling her three-year-old into a high chair. She doesn’t stay long, she just wants to check-in, I’m doing okay, right? Don’t be a stranger, we want to see more of you. I take another sip of my coffee.

More people come and go. Some grab a coffee and leave, others staying to sit and work. Some come in with crowds of people, others all alone and not looking to talk.

I look up and there’s a handsome stranger, dark hair, dark eyes, taller than any basketball player, with confidence that oozes out of him like sap from a tree. Charming and slick, looking down at my left hand before asking for my number. There is no reason to give it to him, but it didn’t seem right not too. I smile politely and nudge at the table, there is a lot to do, sorry. He smiles and says I’ll give you a call. I turn back to my computer.

Coffee is almost empty, better finish up before it’s gone, nothing good happens when the caffeine is gone.

Last comes the red-head, his green eyes sparkling like the sea before a storm, all business, incredibly flustered, and no interest in small talk. You’ve been here a while, any chance you are giving up the table? There is stuff I need to do too. I smile, sorry, still busy. He turns around to leave faster than a bullet, almost like he is fleeing a crime. The coffee is empty.

Taking a last look around at all the strangers now is as good a time as any to go home.


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