Electric Idol

Rate: 5/5

“If you’re not at the top of the Olympus power structure, you’re being crushed beneath someone else’s heel as they use you to get ahead.”

Pg. 28

Psyche Dimitriou has managed to stay under the radar, she has a large social media following and she plays the games of Olympus and the schemes of her mother well. Unfortunately she has made Aphrodite mad, something many do but few end up living though. When Aphrodite’s son and fixer, Eros, comes knocking, neither is prepared for the change that comes over both of them. Can they come up with a solution for their mothers scheming or will they become prey to the games of Olympus?

“As the last two weeks have more than proven, the media loves that Romeo and Juliet shit.”

Pg. 65

Electric Idol is the sequel to Neon Gods and one that I surprisingly enjoyed more. I don’t know much about the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche, I know it is touched on in Lore Olympus (Rachel Smythe, WEBTOON, you can buy hard copies now, absolutely gorgeous!) but that’s about it. For me this was a wonderful enemies to lovers that expanded the world that was started in Neon Gods. Psyche is smart and always tries to stay one step in front of everybody else. Eros is cunning and manipulative. They make a great pairing and they help each other overcome the pressures that have been placed on both of them. I believe I enjoyed Electric Idol more because I enjoyed Psyche as a character more and I adored her and Eros’ dynamic.

“It’s not an insult. It’s just a word… It’s also the truth. And while I appreciate your enthusiastic defense for plus-sized sizing everywhere, there’s little you can do about it at the moment.”

Pg. 99

I love that Robert made Psyche plus sized but without her being ugly to herself. All women have some sort of self-esteem issues, even if it is completely momentarily or few and far between. There are lapse in confidence and feeling that you aren’t good enough. Though that is touched on briefly it isn’t the sole purpose, which I hugely respect. Psyche is a social media icon and starts trends and talks all through out Olympus regardless of being considered “fat,” by Aphrodite’s standards. I love that more and more authors are writing women with real bodies. Whether that is plus-sized, mid-sized, super skinny, or anywhere in between. My absolute favorite thing that Robert did in this story is introduce the character who will be Hera. Robert confirmed on her TikTok that Zeus and Hera will not be getting their story anytime soon. I’m assuming that means we will be able to see them in the background of others stories giving each other hell. I mean it wouldn’t be Zeus and Hera if they got a happily ever after so quickly. I am incredibly excited to see how it all plays out farther down the line.

“Because you have only been told the negative about yourself for so long, that’s all you believe. Every person contains a balance of both good and bad inside them. Even you. Especially you.”

Pg. 295

You will enjoy this book if you like romance, mythology, enemies to lovers, fantasy and scheming. This is another spicy read, which I would give a 4/5 on my personal spice scale. As always check up on those triggers, if you are concerned there is always a list on Robert’s website.

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